Saatchi Bill

The following are all well worth a read on the subject

Professor Michael Baum’s blog post on Nigel Poole QC’s blog

Nigel Poole QC’s excellent letter opposing the bill and setting the collective position on the topic here

Suz White’s take on it on the Leigh Day blog

Simon Denegri’s Lay Review blog on the subject

GP, author, BMJ columnist and great thinker Margaret McCartney’s blog and submission in response to the bill

Barrister Richard Borrett’s blog on the subject

The appraisal here by David Hills

and, at last – the statement from the MDU clarifying its position, referred to here.

The BMJ has chosen to publish a piece by Michael Rawlins that directly contravenes the BMA’s own advice, but the rapid responses are worth a read.

Finally, for a good picture of the PR campaign in action, the incorrect statements of law and the moment that Lord Saatchi likens the bill to ‘running a red traffic light'(plus a read of the Q&As we asked, that went without the As, unanswered) then the last google hangout is here

& the consultation document itself here


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